Transport de vehicles Porche

Andorra Assistència, el servei de grua a Andorra per a tot tipus de vehicles. Andorra, i el Pirineu en general, és una zona amb unes condicions climatològiques sovint adverses. A Andorra Assistència sabem que tenir una pana quan està nevant, amb temperatures de sota zero o en una carretera estreta pot ser perillós. Per aquest motiu, retirem el vehicle amb celeritat, sense fer-lo malbé, i el portem al taller que vostè desitgi per a una diagnosi en profunditat, analitzin les causes i solucionin el problema.

Engineered design
Engine, chassis, body. In every component of the 911, we have invested years of experience, thousands of ideas and countless hours of development. Even the smallest innovation would fill a book. Yet, it is only when all individual parts work as one that we see a particular principle emerge: a harmonious overall concept or – as our engineers sometimes call it – the unique technical layout of the 911.
This principle has made the 911 fit for the future since 1963. 2+2 seats are the ideal concept for a compact and purebred sports car that nevertheless offers an astonishing amount of space and an airy feel.
Then there is the compact engine in the rear end: the optimum drive concept for the 911. It is this position that helps to ensure excellent traction and lends the 911 its unique driving feel.
The logical place for belongings in a rear-engined sports car is the luggage compartment at the front. This is key to good travel comfort, remarkable everyday practicality – and the strong individuality of an unadulterated sports car.
The perfect basis for superlative sporty performance, which you can bring to the road day in, day out.